Thursday, June 18, 2009


There are many rumour about me and a gal
Everyone asking here and there
they wont believe what I say
Then better be quite
Rumour change into truth in one sec
I not feeling stress at all
Just dislike people yelling at me
That's all
Open school
sure get some result
So bad
I lost so many marks,status
I deserve that
I know
As this time i really no work hard at all
No mood reading
Therefore i deserve the marks
Get a fail in account
Try harder next time

The end of my writing Soory if give you some inconvenient

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


2 weeks holidays.Should I happy about this.It's quite long but also quite short.Happy holidays i wish to everyone but too sad this holidays doesn't seen to be in my side.Just holidays I had sicked for a couple days.Too sad.No energize at all.Also no mood.Haiz.Still got tuition.A bit lazy go to tuition.Also cant play my favourite games-basketball.Doesn't when i start playing it and what induce me to play.Perhaps is fate.I start believing the fate.Fate really something unique.Everything have been fated?Doesn't mean everything is fix.Work should be done to make those fates work.Today is Wednesday but everyday like school days.Everyday body automatically wake up early.Haha this is called body's memories some people say that.Need go out.See ya^^