Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Phone Shop from facebook page

Recently i had done a dumb thing. I surf this page and was amused that the page have 44k like and thought iits a trustable web page and finally I decide to bought a second hand iphone 5s with RM1300. At first he will not find you but he will request u to whatapps him and in fact you cannot call in whatapps no.Its a no just used to register the whatapps only so u unable to contact him. So i bank in the money and the second day he send a fedex photo which convince me but when I request the Fedex no of the item he start ignoore me. I send a lot whatapps he also not reply me. I go his page comment he block all my comment. So guys , Do not trust this Summer Phone Shop. Learn from my mistake. I'm really in bad mood now. God damn it Summer phone Shop, Go to hell