Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teenager's Vexation

Vexation is worry.Worry is still worry.Nothing can change about it.After seeing this would you laugh,would you flash back to your teenager's life.The author is too stress stress till this condition.Can't imagine right?Now I live in a stressful life also.So busy.Busy till no time.I can see the seconds,minutes and hours passing me everyday but i cant feel it.No feeling at all.Competition coming.Busier now.I want go into the world that full of freedom.I love freedom.No chain ties me at all.Can fly or go anywhere you want.No stress.No worries.No vexation.Just me alone.Let's me enjoy the freedom that I desire.Can?


  1. Wish u luck ya!
    Hope ur dreams will come true soon.

    hmm, I want a world which is 50% freedom $ 50% busy.
    Too busy no good.
    Too free also no good.


  2. The essay is all going round and round and round

  3. This is nice one, me d my housemate laugh alot reading this..Good Job!