Friday, March 13, 2009

Bloging bloging bloging

Haha exam over
Long time no bloging lol
sorry to the visitors
no update my blog so long time
no go visit and support your blog
Now I'm back
Back to blog
blog something new
Wanna do something that are difference
Thinking too much
but it worth
worth thinking that ways
Lately everyone around me growing up
Growing up
Start learning to love
Love someone
Love someone that you feel he good
Love his style
Love what he doing
Wanna talk with him
Wanna go closer to him
Wanna foster their friendship
Wanna become the first person he think everyday
Wanna become his
His only one
No one can replace
Just think love him quietly everything will be ok
Everyday will back to normal next day
No one can predict what happen tomorrow
No one
The boy doesn't notice you
Just thinking we are friend only
Dunno what have he done will hurt someone around him
Just doing himself
Just pretend nothing happen
Engulf the girl
The girl start to hate herself
Start not believe the love
Start change
Change her attitude
Start making something difference to attract him again
Start blaming herself
The girl think 'If i not talk to him that day everything will be fined,everything will be normal,everything....'
The girl finally make a decision
Forget everything
Attempt do anything to forget him
Watching many series of movie at once
Playing game for a long time at once
Doing homework
Alienated everyone around her
If someone come closer to her
What she think is
'Leave me alone,all I want is alone.Give me some times for healing the wound,Give me times please'
The healing time takes long
It may takes maybe one year,or maybe five years,ten years
The love break up
The friendship break up
The boy still does not notice
The boy dunno what the reason makes their friendship become so far
Starting feel alone
Both of them hurt at the end
Just girl always hurt much more than boy
Making a way
Way to harmony life

Mention a thing
The boy and girl is not me.