Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My dream or my ambition?

What is dream and what is ambition? Do they alike ?Do they stand for same definition? No, It’s not but they are bonded strongly. When I was a child, I always dream to become a doctor or a scientist. Why be a doctor? Maybe keep on encouraged by mother say doctor are good job, they get high pay and can save the lives also. How about scientist? I want to be famous so that I can be known by everyone. This is the dream. The dream that once are so naïve and “cute”. The dream that motivate become a good student. Always put study as priority. Then I become a good student either? Well , dream do motivate us to do a lot of thing, they may change our life also. Like Bruce lee, He dream to beat off all the foreigner that take off their land and he become a star of everyone. And some of them dream to become a singer or a dancer. But the point is, how many of them success? Like Susan Boyles who was famous recently, she dream to become a singer since she was kid but she only famous when she come to an old age. Because she no talent? No, she have talent! or looks, maybe. But almost all the people cannot achieve their dream as they do not hold their dream always. Why? When people grow older,I study more,know more things, then realize their dream just a mission impossible. Just like me! How about ambition? I have a lot of ambition before. First ambition is an inspector then doctor follow by engineer and lastly is want to be an employer. Why want to become an inspector? As I am influenced by the tv series, CSI , I love all of them and I deeply feel them are very cool and smart when they examine the corpse and figure what had happen and caught the criminals. Sound nice right? Sound like a hero right? But lastly I give up, as I do feel this kind of job cannot success in Malaysia, my country. Why, first the police investigation system are inefficient plus not systematic and second which is most important is corruption. Every murder like killed of Mongolia girl also can be covered by power or something else. And no investigation will be go further for that. So nice ha? Why become a doctor?Also same reason, Tv series. Dun you feel that the doctor in the emergency department are so cool when they manage to save lives from a nearly dead person or somehow have the spirit and revive a person that heartbeat already stop? Sound cool right? But they are tv series, In real life there are no such things at all. Why be an engineer? Well, actually until now I still confuse with engineer this job. Can say its too wide until I dun know what is that job also. Well maybe it just a job to push forward myself only .Nothing else ,Just a motivation for me to study further. But I do feel being an employee are not a wise choice either. Yes, they are high pay engineering job in Sg. But you always facing fright inside your heart. You afraid of being fired by employer so you try to do your very best, work harder and harder just to secure the job. What if there economy bloom and you get fired randomly. Then what happen to you? From 10k income person drop to zero. Can you survive? Even thought they give you one month salary as compassionate, do you think you can find a job that have same high salary as previous one? Also, you have done your job with extra effort. If job saw your hard work and raise your salary then you consider quite lucky. How about you are the unlucky one, you put extra effort and no one see the effort and the effort just burn in ashes? How about your company come out with a super talented employee and your effort is covered. Why dun you try to use your effort to make yourself benefit. Use your effort and turn the money straight into your pocket. Sound nice right? So be a employer is the wisest choice! So what now? Think of yourself? What you really want to be? If the economy crisis , do you still stick to your dream or give up it? Or you will find a job that you are not interest at all but just a money income to you? Think about it. Start from now!

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