Monday, October 27, 2008

So Boring

Happy Holiday^^
Monday,Tuesday are holiday
I'm glad when I heard such a good news
but there are bad news also
next week exam T.T
no playing computer game in this holiday
no go out in this holiday
no playing hide ad seek with friends in this holiday
the only thing you need to do is read
read and read and read
read till you become a genius like Thomas Edition
what did he say last time
he say
genius is one percent perspiration ninety nine percent inspiration
so we no need study lol use our brain ok le
wrong wrong wrong
this concept is totally wrong
it should be
genius is ninety nine percent inspiration one percent effort
wrong wrong wrong
wrong lagi?
it should be
Genius is one percent inspiration ninety nine percent perspiration.
what should i do
take Sejarah book and read
chapter 6
Pembentukan Kerajaan Islam Dan Sumbangannya
ohhh no Islam!!!!!
i tell u a secret
whenever i see 'Islam' this phrase i will fell asleep
there is only one cure
before read sejarah
I need close my eyes
and tell myself
I love Islam I love Islam I love Islam
I love Islam I love Islam I love Islam
I love Islam I love Islam I love Islam
........100 times
but bad news
when i open eyes
the world becomes different
my brain automatically edits the 'love' into 'hate'
so how
can someone tell me pls
how can i combat this malaise
how can i
tell me pls....
i totally hopeless
this holiday totally hopeless
this holiday totally tortures me
but i have make a conclusion
In the nutshell,I cannot live with Islam
I cannot see Islam this word
I cannot let Islam teacher teach me (especially my Moral's teacher)
so the moral's teacher
can u pls...
go back your kampung
and sembayang there
don't kacau kacau me at school
lastly i would like to apologize if i do write something that hurt u
harap maaf
sekian terima kasih
thank you for your support.^^


  1. May I know who r u ?
    Like ur posts very much...
    Keep on posting more touching n meaningful stories ya^^

  2. me a
    TPC from chung ling butterworth
    form4 4sA2
    Who are you?

  3. alien know how
    just close your eyes
    and tell yourself
    I hate Islam...I hate Islam...
    100 times
    maybe got good news
    your brain will automatically edits the 'hate' into 'love'

  4. Ic...
    Erm.. r u Tan Phei Chieh ?
    I'm from 4SA1...
    Nice to meet u here ya ^-^