Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nice poem

You walked passed me...
And my skin tingled with sensation.
I have a tiny little feeling
We'd make one dangerous combination.
It's pretty obvious that you live
On the wrong side of the track.
But I know if I get to know you,
I know I'd never go back.
A fire in me burns
When you touch my skin,
The sweet blaze of your lips,
Equals a savory sin.
There's sweat, and then there's steam.
Then a scorching passion
That exists in between...
Two lovers in the midst
Of a lustful embrace,
The clothes off my body
Have left without a trace.
Scattered, strewn, laying on the floor
An entanglement of two bodies
Behind a closed door.
Well, I have to say,
You're the best I've ever had.
And good Lord does it feel good,
Just being so damn bad...

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