Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diary 4

Not bad today just a little exhausting.4.15 went for the English essay tuition.It is free of charge and will lasts till September.You know what make this essay tuition class founded?Some people complain that they cannot pass up essay homework because at home cant do homework.Quiet a vivid lame excuse clearly they are just lazy.Nevertheless Our tuition teacher is a very good person.He say for our sake he open this class free of charge.Wow i still stunned by his word.He really a responsible tuition teacher.He dun collect the money of photocopying the paper from us also give us free tuition.He really a nearly perfect person just he has a bold bold head.6.30 pm went another tuition call Manjit tuition.Lol really exhausting. Manjor my place suddenly occupied by someone else Then sit behind lol.We have a small test.Before the test begin,teacher ask us for an addition tuition class as the exam is approaching.To fit Convent school examination our addition tuition class on this Saturday 5.45. For you sure think the tuition starts from 5.45 pm and you are wrong.It starts from 5.45am.It sounds ridiculous and that's the truth.I'm not bluffing.Wanna know the plot how happened.I tell you first of all teacher decided the date of addition tuition and we choose Saturday.Till now still ok.Then teacher questioned us what time.I say night someone say object and some one say afternoon and my turn object because i got tuition then morning lol.Grace say cannot 10am.Whole day cant tuition then i just pulling teacher legs suggested how about 6am because 6am got spirit of examination. Surprise all people say ok can ok no problem.Hey are you all insane I just joking and it turn into reality and the most furious thing is I'm the one who suggest the 6am.I think i should take back my word but cant lol.Regret lol.In the test,teacher tell us cant write dog is cute because most of the Bahasa Malaysia teacher are Malay and Malay hate dog.She told us should write cat is cute.Then I teased Xuan Fern to accept cat is cute because she is the one that hate cat most.And we argue till now.Quiet happy today but quiet exhausting this Saturday.Tomorrow din have school then can sleep late late till the reddish-hot sun call me up because tomorrow is Hari Sukan.Merely Form 1 and 2 need attend to school.Friday also din have school 4 days holiday.Haha.But torture will happen on Saturday early in morning.Feel sorry to those Form 5 BSMM.Form 5 still need participate marching.God bless you all.

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