Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy mother's day.I give my best wish to my mother today and bless all mothers in this world have a red-letter day.Now,still have one week left.Am I too late or still can catch up.I confuse.Really confuse.Confusing about the things i need to do.Is it reading the best solution?Or exercising?I think both are important.Without reading,you know nothing but without exercising you cant pass with colourful results.But now 1 week left i din have much time to struggle with these.For me,examination just like a game.The host are teacher and we,students play a role as players.I hate playing a game knowing the results will be.This time I know I'm playing a lose game.No chance to win.As I din have much time.You know why?I take account as an extra subject this March.Now I have to swollen all the form 4 and 5 topics of form 5 in my stomach.Do you think my stomach big enough to fill them?I don't think so.Now I really in conflict.I admit I'm kind of person that are emotional.When I din have any mood,I can't read book.The best solution is sleeping,watching television's programs or playing games.I really can't concentrate.I just a fish in my stomach making me very extreme uncomfortable.I hate these feelings.Sometime when doing the accounts,I really regret.But I always tell this is the decision what I made last time.I can't blame anybody but only myself. It's really torturing and I really need a guidance,a really wise guidance that can takes back my confidence.Without confidence you lose 50 percent.It's a truth.I hate exam so much.But one thing I love exam the most is after exam holidays coming.^^Hey my mood seen to be very down today.But i need to cheer it up cause today is what day every mother's birthday.Still I not yet celebrating it as my dad and mom are very busy with their works.We just simply eat a dinner celebrating it.But it's too early for a dinner at 5p.m.Haiz why people like drag themselves into such torturing life.I still dun get it.Maybe when I build up a family then I know what their feeling and thinking.Talking too much today and i would like to end up here.Bless you all have a nice day.
Something I want to introduce to you all.This one of the most melody I love the most call To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy 5

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    I've just bought Final Fantasy XII DVD. Interesting. It has 2 CDs, and watched for 6 hours!!! I like the characters but it looks more like a PS2 game than a movie.