Monday, May 10, 2010

Form 6

I will continue my study in form6.This is still not last decision at all.Still got some alternative ways.But I not going to put a lot of my attention on that.Is good to become a form six student.STPM stand for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia.This cert is quite value before he education ministry introduce another system.The reason they are going to create and introduce another kind of system for form 6 purposely want to attract more student continue their study on form6.Luckily,this year not yet.the students born in 1992 years in Malaysia always be the white mice of the Education Experiment!!!Why i say that is you can see trough many kind of system is change.For instance there is one test for standard 3 to jump 1 year to standard 5 but approach our they cancel the program.Form3 ,in order to practice my love to country the education ministry introduce one newly subject(sivik).Honestly,you know most of the Chinese love this country.There is no disaster,poverty,savage,chaos,crime that involved plenty of fire arms.Just some petty thief,robbing,small kind of smuggling,give bride to the officer etc.Honestly,I love my country and i am thankful to be a Malaysian.But apart from this,what is the eye sore for me is the politician,the reality,unjust,unfair,blackmail,selfish of government.I hate politician most.I know some of them really good but just some.BN lose from last election.What they do is playing trick,give bride,humiliate our chinese race.Who is the knight behind all these?I think you also know who is that.What is their weapon?Only one.Money.The scourge of all these things.It destroy our chinese pride and torn it into shreds.I dun want talk anymore about politic it make me more frustrated
Back to origin,the education ministry split all the ABCDEF grade into 3 grade which is A+,A,A- which use to be A1 and A2 only.Are we white mice.Just think about it.
Okay,Why I have chosen Form6 is the STPM cert is value.The cert is approve by plenty of country and it can be consider as one of the toughest exam paper in Asian.It is quite challenging.This morning the lecture advise us if you are not affordable Please dun take STPM It going to waste your time.The add math in form5 can be graded as 2-3 difficulty but the mathematics science in form 6 can be graded 7-8 difficulty.Look at their difference.It is a big gap.No doubt and it's stunning.If you think you are skillful in form5 and you assume form 6 is a playground just like form5.You are totally wrong.If you only graduate from form 5.It is just like 'the operation is successful and perfect everything going smooth but the patient die' =.=!!!
I'm ok with studying form6 just it is quite challenging and hard to achieve the score.The only thing become my eyesore is the teachers especially the discipline teacher.She always talking nonsense and wasting a lot of our time.Our time is precious you know?And one more thing i help all the form 6 students say.I dun want to cut my hair T.T I'm ok now because I just come back from camp PLKN.My hair still short=.=So this is not so troublesome yet but sooner it make a lot of troubles.
They always think that by shortening our hair can strengthen our discipline.I provoke that.Aldolf Hitler one of the famous and cruel general of German i think,he kill million of jews because of his narrow minded thinking.He has a very short hair but are he a discipline man.Maybe he is but is he a good man?no he wasn't he kill the innocent to fulfill his desire.Short hair does not mean anything.It just appearance not the heart .So please dun emphasis too much on the hair=.=
Lastly i going form 6 start from tomorrow.Therefore think twice about your future journey.Remember what we had read in form 5 'The Road Not Taken'^^
Bye,Keep In Touch.

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