Sunday, May 9, 2010

Simba,My Inspiration

Under the Stars/ Simba Alive

Haha,after format my computer(although my comp now still got some minor problems),i dig a hole on my song album and now i am listening the lion king's song and become my inspiration,i inspire the main character of lion king Simba.Quite cute he is.These few days,I think a lot.Feeling boring,worry,unhappy,hesitate,suspicious and guilty.I'm the one i used to be.I thought i was stronger and tough but that's merely a barrier to my true heart,covering my weakness,my fear,lonely and heart is nil now.It's hollow no longer warm.I am cold-heart man now(before I think about it and inspire this little character).
Simba can confront these challenges why not me.He can overcome his fear and loneliness why not me?He was a child and immature meet the strangers and become friend of them.he can consume a totally different kind of food and begin his new longer unhappy but cheerful from that day.Everybody think of me i'm a positive minded man.Am I the one?My family is counting on me to raise my family reputation.Can i pick up this big responsible?Am I suppose to become other people wish for or just be myself?If just be myself what kind of person should be?Honestly,I dunno who am i can be.I always have guidance always following other people wish for.Id only if i lose this guidance,will i achieve those achievement i fight for these few years.NO DOUBT,THE ANSWER IS NO!!!!!!!
So this kind of situation is ironic to me.I'm hesitate.The road that i have taken will decide the way of lifestyle in my future life.Some say you can still change your road after feeling not suitable.Just like a salesman asking strangers in front of strangers' door.If can manage to persuade and convince your customers you can get in to their house but if you cant convince them you will fail go into their house.Look at where the salesman standing on.If fail you just back to the start point it is nothing to afraid.just back to zero the zero that you face before.
After all,Am i good to become a 'salesman' i have mentioned above?With positive thinking you can do that and apply the concept on very much of thing.But how about you does not able to put down those achievement you have fighting for so long now?
Just learn from experience.
Just think positively and everything you see is positve.
Dun envy others.
Dun feel guilty,just tell them and wish for forgiveness from them.
Convince yourself be who you are.
Dun easily influenced by others if you very sure of your choice you have chosen is right.
Dun scare of others people sight.
Dun easily broken heart by other people criticism
Dun fear of your decision unless you have no confidence
Be confidence with your sense
Self believing
Never give up hope
Show your affection to other
Open your mind
Goodbye to negative thinking.Just achieve your goal.Obstacles will make us grow up and mature.But you cant control your emotion in one day need take time.Give me some times i will try to remind myself and grow up.
Begin my new life starting from this seconds.I'm going my school life form 6 tomorrow.Bye.Happy mother's day to the mothers in this world especially my mother.


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  2. Thank you for the Happy Mothers Day.