Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chinese New Year

Gong xi Gong xi
Haha Chinense New Year coming soon.Left 4 days only!!!Imagine 4 days after all chinese people wear red shirt, red short and even red underwear.All things must re include your hair and finger nails.Is it true.Ya it's true in past but not now! But our school headmaster and school teachers want our school and class room engulfed by red so call us decorate our classes(actually they want find the loser help them to Kerja Sosial).Therefore we wasting our money buying these and that to decorate.Unfortunately, what happen next never predict by us.Our school teacher suddenly say the class that not beautiful will be punished.Sienz I think my class the ugliest lol so sure kena punished le.T.T Again bad government forbid us play firework.WTF breaking our chinese traditional...Playing firework is our traditional so I as a wise chinese people encourage you all chinese people play firework la.Just for fun ma.If see police car then run run run lol^^.
Old 1 year again 17 years old le.SPM coming but no guess what no feeling at all(Bo Rasa).Quite funny.
Now hearing a song sing by James Blunt who is the singer of You're Beautiful.His song,his song lyrics including his body(nice body he have) so damn beautiful.
Here the song Goodbye my lover-James Blunt

Some of my friends say my blog so sienz no diary de.Lol day liao lol diary is diary still private la.If give you know my private things go to school how face you all.You know why?Because i will pai sei(shy) when i pai sei i dont like people see my face de.... Hehe^^ so in conclusion Maybe i will open another blog for dairy.

One more thing,after you all see this please give me 1 ang pao la.I'm lack of ang pao.Thx^^


  1. Ah, they have to be married in order to give you red packets yeah.

  2. red packets dun have but can give you a Gong Xi fai Cai greetings.