Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where is my 1 more dolar?(Mathematic)

Three guys decided to share the cost of a motel room. It was thirty dollars. Each man gave a ten to the hotel managaer and went up to their shared room. However, the manager realized he had overcharged them by five dollars. So he gave a five to the bellboy to return to them. The bellboy couldn't figure out how to split five dollars between three men. So he took two dollars, put them in his pocket and then gave each man one dollar back. This means that each man paid nine dollars for the room. Nine dollars times the three (three men) is twenty-seven. Now add the two dollars the bellboy took, and that is only twenty-nine. What happened to the other dollar?

1 comment:

  1. Should not had add the money the bell boy took. In fact, need to deduct it

    The Room: 25
    The bell boy took: 2
    Total: 27

    Add up the balance in each hand (1x3) and everything will be 30