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Constellation also has three stage

Constellation also has three stage

The three stages of Aries

The first stage is the birthday in March 21 to March 31 of this phase between was Mars, very authoritarian personality; Aries personality is also very obvious, and often impatient, easily annoyed, very aggressive, very independent, and occasionally some small quirks. You can strengthen the part is not to have too dogmatic language, too arbitrary, then let others antipathy. Your imagination is very rich, but also very much believe that their own instincts, this is your special talents. But intuition wrong, you will be unwilling to admit that this is to pay special attention to the Oh! Are you doing the time for decision, often rely on feelings and intuition, so more than usual to absorb the point of information, so your intuition will be more accurate. Your ability is very strong, but sometimes because of a lack of patience can not be successful.

The second stage is the birthday in April 1 to April 10 this stage between the sun, there is a bright representative of honor, on behalf of change and reform. Aries is the constellation active, together with the power of the sun, we can strengthen the good mobility, but they will not be so autocratic. In fact, you are a competitive person who likes to be changed repeatedly or boring work, that will not like it, so you often need to develop your new ideas and capabilities. More to develop your potential, the more able to emerge. Do you have rapid intelligence gathering capacity, which is somewhat similar with the Gemini; Therefore, the times of work best suited to this stage Aries born!

The third stage is the birthday on April 11 to April 20 is among the masters of Jupiter, that is to say this stage is the most compassionate and Aries group conscience. You is relatively polite, unlike other Aries, like Burnout, but relatively thin inner sensitive, more artistic talent. To coordinate your inner conflicts, because you often make some impulsive thing, after only regret very much, and then feel that they should not do so, and deeply regret it. You are a very good people, we must know how to adjust, so that sensitive side to soften their hearts impulsive personality, you can become a successful person!

Taurus the three stages of

The first stage is the birthday in April 21 to April 30 of this phase between the Taurus is the most happy to help others Taurus. Personal planet is Venus, the representative of love and beauty, you are very dedicated to love, for people who hold compassion, so you over or to engage in volunteer work at some of the services industry.Speaking to you, if we can also use your art appreciation can make money, is really a matter for multiple purposes. And you also need to communicate with others is often gut feeling, you will learn from others, born at this stage has the characteristics of Taurus.

The second stage is the birthday in May 1 to May 10 between the personal planets are Mercury, the representative of the knowledge, so this stage will be the Taurus compared to express their own, can clearly want their own, to express thought . Only to be overcome is the issue of脸皮薄often, sometimes even if you know how to say, how to express, but the nerve to give up too thin, and fear of failure. Make the best use of your eloquence, and for your career or all aspects of human relationships can be further strengthened.

The third phase is the Taurus May 11 to May 19 between the personal planets is Saturn, you are more steady Taurus, and most have the patience, the most thoughtful, the most intimate, but also the most conservative Taurus. Exuberant energy is your qualities, no matter what situation you can always tirelessly efforts; others see what you do not seem to have power, but you just like the mini-train and constantly running, running for a long time will not tired, endurance success is your biggest weapon.

The three stages of Gemini

The first stage is the birthday in May 20 to May 31 is the key between the individual stars are Mercury, your response to super fast, others say half the words, you already know where his focus, and can not wait for the other conclusions . You can also think that other people are often slow and inefficient, because you are a person can do three things, and knew how to do a. Suggest that you more in their own ability to express good to help your work, but your emotional side of the rich can easily affect your sense of things, be careful.

The second stage is the birthday in June 1 to June 10 is the key between the individual stars are Venus, although you often say that those who unintentionally, but often careless or hurt other people. Your heart good, but it used to adopt a rational attitude to resolve the matter, but also sometimes other people will think you are very cold-blooded. Suggest you use your sense of humor, and more to resolve this shortcoming, it will make everyone love you into a twin!

The third stage is the birthday on June 11 to June 21 is the key between the individual stars are Saturn, in a bad mood when you like a pile of mud, like, nothing to do, but also intends to put aside everything, so You have to be careful emotional control. Basically, you are optimistic, as long as the sentiment is the key to not let you, your creativity will bring you a large fortune.
The three stages of Cancer

Three-stage Cancer

The first stage is the birthday in June 22 to June 30 individuals between the planets at this stage is the moon, it will be particularly sensitive, is among the most sensitive Cancer group. Your ability to mimic or artistic talent are excellent, but now, in our society is too efficient, you will be sensitive to the characteristics of efficiency or the time of oppression and ignored, so this stage Cancer born to well-adaptation their nervous system, know how to relax is.

The second stage is the birthday in July 1 to July 11 individuals between the planets Mars, Mars is usually on behalf of combat effectiveness, although the master of your stars, mainly is the moon, but coupled with the effects of Mars makes you more there is determination, and you fed up with what for many will show very strong impatience, unlike other of Cancer has so much capacity inclusive. But this time it is born Cancer quite versatile, eloquence too bad either, and can use his eloquence to strengthen the performance of their work.

The third stage is the birthday on July 12 to July 22 between your personal planets are Jupiter and Neptune at the same time the conflict, and good luck on behalf of Jupiter, and Neptune symbol is a spiritual level, so often there will be inexplicable good luck . Because the emphasis on the soul level, your partner must also attach great importance to the soul. You must buy cheap, but also a combination of artistic taste, and not only because of cheap buy, this time the Cancer for practical and artistic value must be both, so little bit picky tendency!

Leonid the three stages of

The first stage is the birthday in July 23 to July 31 this stage between the Leo-born relatively mild personality, is not so tough, but there is still a good tendency to move. Man you have artistic talent, and for the observation of the human world is very sensitive, is a philosophy of character but also good at doing psychoanalysis Leo. The most important thing is this stage Leonid born, often because a decision after regret. For you to in the present can make great decisions, some information must be collected, is the most important and most needed.

The second stage is the birthday in August 1 to August 11 of this phase between you, will have obvious Leo personality, not only full of self-confidence, confident, subjectivity is also a little bit strong. Sometimes unconsciously, to the overwhelming will of others, or to show a strong style, but for all peer Wh is but also a very, very pay attention to friendship. When your lover, friends are happy, sometimes as long as you do not care to endure the sudden temper. Very lack of patience you, so you have to those around us do a little more patience.

The third stage is the birthday on August 12 to August 22 of this phase between the Leonids have a little bit of Virgo's personality, so in dealing with some things more analysis of the ability to review, and afterwards will own at home bored head like the reasons for the failure. But often thought half think it would be too tired of that first big! And then not think about the. Therefore, the whole thing through and make the best use of analytical ability, is that this phase of the Leonids the key to success. For some others? P heart conditions, it can be noted around the feelings of others, is a relatively moderate and cautious Leo.

The three stages of Virgo
The first stage is the birthday in August 23 to August 31 at this stage between the Virgo-born, will do things a little bit arrogant, and too subjective, this is your place to be careful. But better is that this phase-born Virgo strong determination, the characteristics of less hesitant, and then with the original analytical personality, would you like to do things very clear before, doing things after the comparison release was opened, this is a good thing.

The second stage is the birthday of the September 1 to September 11 was born during the period between the Virgo, personal planets is Saturn. You are very patient, very thoughtful, and very thrifty. But this does not mean that you are a stingy person! But do you think the money is spent to spend in the place. You do not need other people's supervision or guidance, North Korea will own their own goal. Further complicated matter under leaving no stone unturned in your will become very simple, you need to strengthen the relationship is a partnership, but in addition to and your partners well beyond, nor let him develop a reliance on your habits.

The third stage is the birthday on September 12 to September 22 between your personal planet is Venus, so you will be more than the other Virgo with sensitive character. You do not like to undermine the relationship between people, so sometimes do not want to undermine the friendship with simply to deal with the attitude of their own, so the passage of time that they would bear too much responsibility. Because you are very sensitive to emotions, so often feel hurt; but no relationship, you may wish to use to increase the sensitivity of others can. For example, you can bet the sensitivity of the writing or artistic creation, there must be a good performance; so as to prevent their break for some things like the first, go to a dead end has not come out drilling, while others have inadvertently hurt the feelings you, is not worth it?

The three stages of Libra
The first stage is the birthday in September 23 to September 30 is the key between the individual stars are Venus, you sometimes can not help but find fault in the hearts of some people, but the surface, you will still maintain a good harmony and their relationship but would like to remind you, sometimes you will want too exhaustive, by myself in a dilemma, if the outcome is not happy, you will blame themselves. The problem is you can not please everyone, this point you have to do a clear understanding.

The second stage is the birthday in October 1 to October 11 is the key between the individual stars are Saturn, you are a very concerned about the image, so although you have a lot of personal feelings and emotions, but you do not want to be in front of people, revealed. Even in the face of your loved one, because you will not want to let him worry about, or too lazy to say, and to remain silent, just want to let their emotions precipitation. Suggest you talk more and close friends, for voicing grievances curse a curse. Believe me, you will have more dynamism and vitality, so no matter what happened, so as not to be too hard!

The third stage is the birthday on October 12 to October 22 is the key between the individual stars are Uranus, you have always been too wronged themselves, to the neglect of their own ideas, so every time you will feel very wounded, But they let this situation continue. You have to learn the ability to refuse, and between that and get along with your unilateral patience alone is of no use, it will only allow the other side more determined to eat you.

The three stages of Scorpio
The first stage is the birthday in October 23 to October 31 between with the personal planets are Mars, which is double the meaning of mobility. Because Mars is in charge of the fighting force or actions, so this represents a negative behind means, you will be very authoritarian and subjective. That sounds good point, things will be very independent, very decisive, but did not sound a bit arbitrary. Subjectivity sometimes too tough, others will turn a deaf said. The cause of great accomplishments, in the emotional attitude would hold a soft, personality will not be too hard-line would have been better.

The second stage is the birthday in November 1 to November 11 during the period between the masters of the planet Jupiter and Neptune, respectively. Neptune is usually in charge of a relatively deep spirituality, but Jupiter is in charge of a blessing. A representative of the material, a representative of the spirit, so you very mercurial personality, often with different inner dialogue. When the doctor if you know more about what is a psychiatrist, if it is the cause of construction, then is the architectural design, that is to say you are good at analysis and analysis, this is your know-how in this respect the nature.

The third stage is the birthday on November 12 to November 21 between

Personal planet is the moon, the moon represents the preferences of fantasy, dream and love of motherhood. So you are of a relatively soft Scorpio, Scorpio would have liked to care for others, especially for like. For love is really taken care of in every possible way, the other half will feel very warm, very heart. But if they are not good partners, he may be a nagging suspicion you.

The three stages of Sagittarius

The first stage is the birthday in November 22 to November 30 is the key between the stars with personal planets is Jupiter, so you are a particular sense of justice, compassion Sagittarius. Very loyal to the love and very honest, you are also at work in this way, it will be her boss. Friends that you are a trustworthy person, and for people to get along with strong curiosity, is sincerely interested in friends, these are the advantages of good, it is necessary to make good use of, you can make your life more successful. Sometimes only your attention to things lasting no way, this is the need to improve.

The second stage is the birthday on December 1 to December 11 this stage between the personal planets are Mars, so this stage Sagittarius born with a positive, adventurous, ambitious character. Change your preferences, but at the beginning although you will feel happy, and later on will feel that emptiness. Even if the big money, the heart will feel lonely, so very important to enrich the soul. This is a stage with people who were born and from abroad will be a special fate, skilled in foreign languages, to expand your international outlook, speaking to you is very important. But you the relative lack of administrative skills, so you have to look for to help your assistant to allow the cause of a higher level.

The third stage is the birthday in December 12 to December 21 between your personal planets is the sun, so special attention to their own dignity and importance of self-esteem, and the best face Sagittarius. Ordinary people be able to open your joke, but was惹毛, you anti-lip-phase delay. Very fond of you squabble, how are you speaking, even if others think you are talking about sophistry, but you own their own set of logic. 。 You quite free, even for their favorite cause, for his favorite wife patience or effort, but once they interfere with your freedom, hinder your thing, you can not tolerate. You are responsible, very patient, for the work attitude is also very serious and is a leadership, also has ambitions characteristics Sagittarius.

The three stages of Capricorn

The first stage is the birthday in December 22 to December 31 this stage between the personal planets is Saturn, at this stage are the most difficult to make new friends of Capricorn! Capricorn If you have friends, please cherish each other, your life will be loyal to him as a friend. Capricorn speaking on Saturn is a symbol of lasting world, but also a symbol of stability, so this stage than the general stages of Capricorn Capricorn born in a more stable and mature. From small to large, we all think you are a bit small strange, but you own the vision and the future to do it is very clear. This phase of the Capricorn of mechanical and mathematical have special talents, but no matter how you will manage to find ways to a certain goal to cut the target, and then cut into small target to daily practice, is a most of the persistence constellation.

The second stage is the birthday in January 1 to January 10 individuals between the planets is Venus, you are in favor warmer Capricorn, life is full of laughter comparison, a more lovely personality, so you do not compare Well, like other Capricorn reality occasionally about what the art of music.。 Venus is the key to the feelings, so you are the most humane Capricorn. Sometimes even if you also want to孔, it is realistic and friends about some things, but ultimately will be feeling the impact. Perhaps you might think that this is your one of the major shortcomings, but this is actually an increase of the soft side of your personality, but a good full advantage of!

The third stage is the birthday on January 11 to January 19 between the personal planets are Mercury, their brains are relatively sober Capricorn. Mercury control because the brain also in charge of human nervous system, also dominated the ability to express, so you all inside Capricorn ability to express the strongest, but also know how to compare the changing environment is not so die-hard. Capricorn you and other difference is that you have a strong sense of justice, in general are relatively Capricorn things look after themselves, but you have sense of responsibility, and Sagittarius this point is close. What is your special place is the ability to learn, because Mercury is also in charge of foreign language ability. If you are interested in North Korea foreign development, the foreign language mastery, as well as foreign development luck will be better than others. So you may wish to look more substantial talent in this direction, multi-point effort the next, I believe you can make in your area of expertise can play a bigger above.

The three stages of Aquarius

The first stage is the birthday in January 21 to January 31 of this phase betweenis Uranus, the representative is a strong spiritual strength, so you add the characteristics of Aquarius, at this stage you will be born will have a spiritual temperament. And whether in religious or occult connection you particularly perceptive. If it wanted to become a fortune teller cents, But you are quite right. No matter what your ambition is, at this stage who will be in a special way to do the task. Perhaps we all like to swarm to Britain and the United States to study, you will especially want to go to Greece or Rome, we all read the law or politics, you will miss some special subjects. Make good use of your spiritual qualities, you have the innate ability to perceive inner others!

The second stage is the birthday in February 1 to February 9 of this phase betweenis Mercury, the main control our nervous system. So you have the feeling or sense of touch, smell will be more sensitive than the average person. You have great powers of observation and good oratorical skills, if you are a unique way of thinking, we are often many people have been robust robust you the right! All in all the work and knowledge are very suitable for you. You will not only rapidly absorbed, but also "give an anti-8" does! But you lack a little patience for it, please take note.

The third stage is the birthday on February 10 to February 18 is the key between your stars are Venus, your intuition and sixth sense is simply amazing, but if you did not make good use of them, it will become your resistance. You and most people have different views, then this is not bad, but if we do not listen to other people's opinions, but also that they are very shallow, it will be easily tasted the taste of defeat. "Life dream" The focus of this dream down. More balance between dreams and reality, life is your most important issue.

Pisces the three stages of the first stage is the birthday in February 19 to February 29 is the key to the period between the stars are Neptune, belonging to the spirit level, in order to dominate the arts. So you can all the art inside Pisces most prominent, but you have the dual personality of the most obvious. Your thinking is very trendy, but sometimes they did not dare to present his views, in this regard you should be strengthened. Your artistic talent coupled with the uniqueness of your thinking, if a good job market applications, will be able to create a bright future belongs to you. So you must be chosen profession can accept new ideas, and can let you have the talent to play, too conservative or the company will not suppress your boss for you

The second stage is the birthday in March 1 to March 10 of your planet is between the moon, the moon is the key to the evening, also dominated the Love family. This phase of the Pisces favorite home, you sometimes in a bad mood, and like fantasy, but there will be substantial for the family to pay. Pisces this stage, are particularly vulnerable to the outside world, the impact of context, so when you are in a good mood, you will feel that life is full of hope, will want to help others, coupled with a strong, rich sensitivity, it is easy to know why someone is feeling bad! However, weak, you may even be little inclination to commit suicide, it would be best to make good use of this sensitive energy, in the religious or the service industry can go your own way.

The third stage is the birthday on March 11 to March 20 individuals between the planets Mars, Mars represents the combat effectiveness with mobility, so you are a Pisces action inside the most powerful, is to congratulate you! And you do things like a quick end, and is active over-sensitive, but have a little bit anticlimactic Not at all suitable for your boss, to create the cause of independence, because you can easily get the responsibility upon himself, so to others it is better to employ the way. 。 During this period born Pisces, artistic talent and sensitivity are full of high, but I suggest that you, or use your more vigorous activity, while a further strengthening of your relationships, your life will go more smoothly.

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